A Quick Look At 70 Percent Disabled Veteran Benefits By State

Understanding the range of benefits available to 70% disabled veterans at the state level is crucial, as each state offers unique support beyond federal assistance. This comprehensive guide explores these benefits, providing vital information for veterans and their families.

70% Disabled Veteran Benefits By State

State benefits for disabled veterans vary by state. Each state offers different benefits to veterans and their families. The benefits available to veterans depend on the state in which they reside.[1] The VA also provides disability compensation to eligible veterans who were disabled during or because of their military service. The compensation rates for veterans with a 70% disability rating range from $1,995.01 to $2,241.91 per month, depending on the number of dependents. Veterans with a 70% disability rating may also qualify for other benefits, including VA health care benefits.

Fast Facts

Veterans with a 70% VA Disability Rating receive a monthly compensation of $1,716.27. This rate reflects an 8.7% increase from the previous year.

Specifics Of 70% VA Disability Rating

A 70% VA Disability Rating brings with it a significant set of benefits and compensation for veterans. As of December 1, 2023, the monthly compensation rate for veterans with a 70% disability rating is $1,716.27. This rate reflects an 8.7% increase from the previous year, signifying the importance and value of these benefits for veterans. It's important to note that this compensation is tax-free at both federal and state levels, ensuring that veterans receive the full benefit​​.

In addition to the monthly compensation, veterans with a 70% disability rating are eligible for additional benefits. These include:

For veterans seeking to increase their disability rating from 70% to a higher percentage, several avenues are available. These include filing for an appeal within VA’s deadlines, filing a new claim for an increased rating, filing for secondary service connection, or applying for Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU) if they are unable to work due to their service-connected conditions​​​​​​.

State-Specific Benefits

State-specific benefits for disabled veterans, including those with a 70% VA disability rating, vary widely across the United States, such as California, Texas and Florida.[2] Each state offers unique benefits beyond the federal level, tailored to the needs of its veteran residents. Some of the common state-specific benefits include:

Benefits By State


In California, disabled veterans with a 70% VA disability rating have access to several benefits:



Understanding 70% Disabled Veteran

The 70% disabled veteran benefits by state underscore the commitment of individual states to honor and support their veteran residents. With each state providing tailored benefits, it's essential for veterans and their families to be well-informed about the specific support available in their region. This guide aims to illuminate the varied landscape of state benefits, ensuring that veterans can fully utilize the resources and support they rightfully deserve for their service and sacrifice.

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