How To Get Disability After A Car Accident

In order to be eligible for disability benefits after a car accident, you must have suffered a severe injury that has caused you to be unable to work. 

In the United States, approximately 3 million people have a disability due to a car accident yearly. Disabilities, whether temporary or permanent, hamper your earning potential and have dire repercussions for your way of living. Getting a disability benefit is essential to help you resume a semblance of normalcy after an accident. 

This post lists what injuries qualify for disability benefits and how to get disability after a car accident.  

Car Accident Injuries Qualified For Disability Benefits

Not all car accident injuries qualify for disability benefits. However, all injuries, no matter how small, qualify for compensation. 

Here's a list of car accident injuries that allow you to claim disability benefits:

You can always consult the SSA Blue Book for a list of disability that automatically qualifies for the SSDI benefits.

Getting Short-Term Disability After A Car Accident

Getting Short-Term Disability After A Car Accident

Short-term disability is offered by selected states instead of the federal government. This benefit is not available through SSDI or SSI. 

Currently, only California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island offer short-term disability benefits. However, you can check with your state department and employer if you live in other states. 

Short-term disability is funded by your employer and is meant to assist short-term non-work-related medical conditions that prevent you from working. This includes temporary injuries from an accident. 

How To Qualify For SSDI Benefits

SSDI is a federal program designed to provide recurring income to help you replace your work income due to a disability. The requirements and application can be complicated, and most work with a disability attorney to help them increase their chances of getting approved.

Before applying, remember that the SSA is concerned about how your injury prevents you from working. It's not necessarily how severe your injury is. Here are the qualifying criteria:

Maximize Your Eligibility

A car accident is no trivial matter. It can have severe physical, mental, and emotional consequences that prevent you from maximizing your earning potential. 

Aside from getting compensation from your insurance and third-party liable persons, you can also qualify for disability benefits from your state or the federal government. 

Right after the accident, make sure to file your claims and get the process started. Keep evidence of the accident and ensure you receive your treatment. These will help build your case for the disability benefit. 

And when in doubt, consult with a disability lawyer. They know the process better and can help take your mind off the tedious tasks involved. They can also ensure approval. 

If you're wondering how long the SSA will approve your claim, check out our post on things to know about SSDI approval timeline Protection Status