DisabilityHelp.org Welcomes NJDDC.org to Its Platform

We are excited to share that DisabilityHelp.org, a prominent source for comprehensive disability assistance information, has successfully acquired NJDDC.org. This merger represents a significant advancement in our dedication to offering exceptional support, valuable resources, and strong advocacy for people with disabilities.

A Look Back at NJDDC.org's Remarkable Journey

Founded with a mission to champion the rights of those with developmental disabilities, NJDDC.org has long been at the forefront of advocacy and change. With its roots deeply embedded in New Jersey, NJDDC.org has initiated and supported numerous programs promoting inclusive education, women's health, and family support.

One of NJDDC.org's most notable campaigns was the push for accessible voting systems, ensuring compliance with the Help America Vote Act. Their dedication to making New Jersey a more accessible state has touched countless lives, empowering individuals and influencing policy changes.

Why NJDDC.org and DisabilityHelp.org are a Perfect Match

DisabilityHelp.org shares NJDDC.org's dedication to serving individuals with disabilities. While NJDDC.org focuses primarily on community engagement and state-level policies in New Jersey, DisabilityHelp.org brings a wide array of resources covering national programs, legal advice, and practical guidance on issues related to disability rights and benefits.

By integrating NJDDC.org into our platform, we can combine local and national expertise, providing our community with a more robust, comprehensive resource. This acquisition allows us to expand our reach, offer a broader range of services, and continue both sites' legacies of advocacy and support.

What This Means for You

For our current DisabilityHelp.org users, you can look forward to enriched content and an expanded range of resources and support. For the loyal community members of NJDDC.org, welcome to your new home! You'll find all the resources you've come to rely on and much more.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

We believe this integration will offer new opportunities for empowerment, education, and support for individuals with disabilities and their families. We're excited about the future and welcome you to join us in this new advocacy, support, and community engagement chapter.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a valued community member!

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