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Disability Help is an online magazine, platform, and community dedicated to providing a safe haven for disabled people. We recognize the underrepresentation of handicapped people in the media and seek to address this disparity by providing our community’s creative work that tackles more about assistance and guidance. We welcome and promote contributions from persons who have lived with disability.

Disability Help addresses these concerns and more. We also welcome writers who are well-versed on these topics and encourage them to submit guest posts with us. It will benefit you, it will benefit us, and it will also benefit the readers. 

Editorial Guidelines

  • We accept articles with a minimum word count of 800. 
  • Make sure to add relevant, clear, and descriptive images that readers can relate to, which will make your post more appealing.
  • Your article should have no grammatical or quality flaws. Make sure it is clear and concise. 
  • Your tone should be reader-friendly and easily understandable. 
  • Make sure that your article does not have long paragraphs. Break these up into shorter paragraphs or include numbered lists. 
  • Your title or the article should be very catchy and encapsulate the message of your article. Title your submission something that you think readers will click on. 
  • We only accept genuine and authentic content. We do not tolerate plagiarized work. 
  • If you include facts or claims in your guest post, add references or a link to the source article. 
  • Another important thing to note is that the article you send us should not already be posted elsewhere. We will delete your guest post right away if any sort of duplication is found either before or after the submission. 
  • We do not include brand names or promotional content for a product or a website on our blog. 

Topics to Write

Writers are free to choose a topic for themselves as long as it is relevant to our website. For your ease, here is a list of categories you can choose to write on: 

  • Everyday Life Hacks, Courtships, Journeys
  • Real-Life Stories and Experiences
  • Staying Fit
  • Societal Issues and Solutions
  • Society
  • Health and Wellness
  • Disability
  • Tips, Trick, or How-to Articles for Society 
  • Handicap Technology
  • Career Opportunities for People with Disabilities
  • Managing Stress Brought About by Accidents
  • New Trends and Accessories for Handicaps

Merits of Writing For Us

Writing for us may not bring you any monetary benefit, but we offer various other advantages. These include: 

  • You can include the author’s bio in your article.
  • We provide our writers with the liberty of including one backlink. If you wish to use more than one backlink, get in touch with our editorial team. 
  • We promote articles through all social media platforms.
  • We will give your article the SEO benefits and help it reach out to a broader audience. 

How To Write For Us

To write for us, send your articles to [email protected]. Make sure you thoroughly go through our website and our guidelines mentioned above before submitting your article. We look forward to your articles!

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