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Disability Help is a platform that explores society's response to the needs of people with disability. We aim to write on topics that will help people connect and better understand the struggles and triumphs of handicaps worldwide. We turn their everyday lives into stories that guide readers to comprehend better how these wonderful people strive every day.

We provide information on disability, congenital disabilities, emergency and pandemic preparedness, vaccine and immunization, accidents and injuries, and occupational safety. We intend to create a platform that provides trustworthy health information published in an easy-to-understand fashion with sections for all types of users. For people with disabilities, we believe Disability Help can help you with various useful health resources to improve your overall health management.

We are a group of individuals who share a common purpose: finding stories that help improve our quality of life, especially for differently-abled people. We dig deep into stories to see these peoples' actual needs to help improve their way of life. This gives our team the passion for achieving our primary goal – to be your companion in this exciting journey we call life, regardless of the obstacles it may throw upon us.

We'll appreciate it if you can also share our passion with your friends and family. Please email us with any inquiries. Please email us if you have a question that you'd want us to answer.

Our team wants to give you the best information possible to help you make the hardest decisions, we look for writers who are willing to get vocal about their thoughts so others know how best to go forward. If writing seems like something right up your alley then come join our team, write for us.

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