Editorial Policy

Mission Statement

DisabilityHelp.org provides accurate, relevant, and up-to-date information to individuals with disabilities, their families, caregivers, and professionals. Our mission is to empower, educate, and support our community, ensuring that everyone has access to the resources they need to lead fulfilling lives.

Content Accuracy and Integrity

  • All content published on DisabilityHelp.org will undergo rigorous research and fact-checking processes.
  • Proper citation of sources will be a priority, with a preference for primary sources.
  • Corrections or updates to content will be promptly and transparently communicated to our audience.

Inclusivity and Representation

  • We are committed to representing the diverse experiences of individuals with disabilities.
  • Content will be created with sensitivity and respect, actively avoiding stereotypes and biases.
  • We will actively seek contributions from individuals with disabilities and experts in the field.


  • DisabilityHelp.org is dedicated to ensuring our website and content are accessible to all, regardless of ability.
  • We will adhere to web accessibility standards and conduct regular site reviews for improvements.
  • Alternative formats, such as audio descriptions or transcripts, will be available whenever feasible.

User Privacy and Data Protection

  • User privacy is of utmost importance. We will not share, sell, or distribute user data without explicit consent.
  • Data collection practices will be transparent, and users will have the option to opt out.

Community Engagement

  • We encourage feedback, comments, and contributions from our community.
  • All interactions on DisabilityHelp.org will be moderated to ensure a respectful and supportive environment.
  • Regular engagement with our community through surveys, forums, and social media will help us understand their needs and concerns.

Advertising and Sponsorship

  • Any sponsored content or advertisements will be clearly labeled as such.
  • We will only collaborate with organizations and brands that align with our mission and values.
  • Sponsored content will adhere to the same editorial standards as all other content on DisabilityHelp.org.

Editorial Independence

  • Editorial decisions will be made independently and remain uninfluenced by advertisers or sponsors.
  • We will transparently disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

Continuous Improvement

  • We are dedicated to continuous learning and improvement.
  • Our editorial team will receive regular training on disability awareness, content creation, and ethical journalism.

Feedback and Grievances

  • We welcome all forms of feedback, whether positive or negative and take them seriously.
  • Clear procedures will be in place for users to raise concerns or grievances, which will be addressed promptly and transparently.

By steadfastly adhering to this editorial policy, DisabilityHelp.org aims to become a trusted and invaluable resource for the disability community. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, respect, and inclusivity in our endeavors.

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