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Exploring the Untold: Navigating Life's Challenges with a Disability

Living with a disability brings forth unique sets of challenges and lifestyle changes that generally extend far beyond physical limitations. In this article, we shall explore 4 common challenges that people of determination face daily to raise awareness and social education and promote an inclusive environment.

  1.  Limited Accessibility:

Several day-to-day tasks that we may take for granted can become significant obstacles for individuals with disabilities, as not every environment may be friendly and accessible for them. Simple services such as public transport or even accessing buildings or washrooms can be complex if relevant accommodations are unavailable. 

Therefore, organizations must take the challenges of people of determination to facilitate a friendly, all-accessible environment.

  1. Dealing with Social Stigma and Discrimination:

Despite living in the modern 21st century, people with disability still face stigma and prejudice, unfortunately. Judgements range from assumptions about the individual's capabilities to insensitive comments and exclusion from social events. Such acts have a severe toll on the mental health being of any individual, let alone some with a disability.

  1. Financial and Employment Barriers:

It can be well understood that being disabled may make certain aspects of life challenging. One entirely overlooked is that of securing financial stability. Discrimination in the corporate world is quite prevalent against such individuals as they are perceived to have limited capabilities, which is a strong stigma and prejudice that we need to raise awareness about and fight back against.  

  1. Managing Cigarette cravings:

Most individuals who live in a caretaker complex may find it incredibly hard to manage their cigarette cravings as such faculties have no indoor smoking policies. This leaves people with disabilities with intense frustration and cravings they find hard to satisfy. Such complexes should raise awareness about alternative nicotine solutions that would help individuals with disability satisfy their nicotine cravings without smoking and tobacco like nicotine gums or pouches. These should, however, be under the guidance and prescription of a medical doctor.

Do You Qualify?
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Do You Qualify?
Disability Evaluation

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