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Is Hiring A VA Disability Lawyer Necessary?

Last updated: February 21, 2024

It might be worth hiring VA disability lawyers if the VA denied or underrated your disability claim and you feel they can help. Under the current VA disability benefits law, you cannot be charged for the assistance of a lawyer in filing a claim. If you are challenging a VA disability decision, only then can your lawyer charge you for their help.

Since approximately 4.9 million out of 18 million veterans in the United States suffer from service-connected disabilities, more and more are reaching out to disability lawyers for assistance. Instead of depending on the VA to build and support your claim, VA disability lawyers will make sure your disability is backed by thorough medical documentation.

Why Should You Hire VA Disability Lawyers?

Why Should You Hire VA Disability Lawyers

One of the main questions veterans have on their minds is why they should seek assistance from VA disability attorneys if they can apply for the benefits themselves for free. In general, what you pay for is what you get. Veterans' free organizations often lack the staffing and are overrun, forcing them to sacrifice personal service to accept as many people as possible each day.

In contrast, your case is directly managed by accredited VA disability lawyers. The problem you've been experiencing, any questions, and any paperwork you require can be explained if you want your application processed as fast as possible. You won't have to repeat your story to the claim officer handling your case every time you contact them. A claimant with legal counsel is also treated differently by VA and CAVC.

Below are the top reasons why you should consider hiring VA disability lawyers:

1. Get Personalized Assistance

Many nonprofits offer legal aid to veterans, but most of them are overburdened. To get the best legal advice, hiring a VA disability attorney is recommended. Due to their limited caseloads, disability attorneys can provide you with personalized service.

They can develop a plan that is tailored to your unique situation. Additionally, VA disability lawyers understand that every veteran they work with is different, so they take the time to get to know you and review your case.

2. Get Expert Advice

Your lawyer needs to stay up to date on changes to VA disability benefits laws each year. Attorneys who handle multiple types of claims are a red flag. The last time an attorney helped a client get service-connected disability compensation may have been many months or years ago if the lawyer doesn't specialize in VA law. Therefore, you must look for an expert attorney who specializes in VA claims and is well-versed with the changes in VA disability benefits laws. 

3. Save Precious Time

If you make a mistake filing your claim, you might make an error that delays your VA disability benefits. This is where having VA disability lawyers file your claim gives you an edge. Getting the compensation you deserve for your service-connected disability can be challenging if you don't have a good VA disability attorney on your team.

Once you've been approved for disability benefits, the VA claim process goes much faster. You will dramatically increase your chances of receiving the benefits. With a VA disability lawyer, you know what to expect as they explain the VA claims process at every step.

4. Get Help In Consulting Independent Medical Examiners

Get in touch with VA disability lawyers if you have been denied benefits. By getting an independent medical examination (IME), they can assist you in appealing the VA's decision. A doctor not associated with the VA performs an independent medical examination.

IMEs are performed by doctors who are qualified by attorneys. By using VA language and standards, IME doctors can write their findings. VA disability lawyers are dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

5. Get Help Navigating The Complicated Process

It is a complex process to file a VA claim. In order to maximize it, you must take several steps and meet strict deadlines. There can be a lot of confusion and time spent on this process. To ensure that your rights are protected, it is beneficial to have veteran disability lawyers representing you. To receive compensation, you must remember a lot of forms and deadlines, which your attorneys can assist you with.

Cost Of Hiring VA Disability Lawyers

An attorney's fee for handling an appeal varies, but by law, they are permitted to charge between 20% and 33%. You will only be charged if your attorney wins your appeal and you are awarded benefits. Also, you will typically have to pay these fees directly out of your lump-sum VA payment.

Ensure that your lawyer is accredited by the VA since that proves they know how everything works. Read all the details of the contract before signing. If you’re worried about rip-offs, choose an honest and reliable lawyer who will keep your best interest at heart.

Free Legal Help 

You should know that veterans are often able to obtain free, or pro-bono, legal aid without having to pay a lot of money. Veterans' appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims are assisted by the National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP).

Any veteran who appeals a Board of Veterans Appeals decision can receive free representation through the Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program. Disability benefit denials are included in this category. You may contact them through their form or by calling (202) 628-8164 or (888) 838-7727.

Applying for cash benefits from Social Security may seem overwhelming for some people. If you’re wondering how to increase your VA disability rating, check out this article by Disability Help.

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