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Unlocking Opportunities: Disability Employment Organizations Available To You

Last updated: December 29, 2023

Finding meaningful employment can be a significant challenge for individuals with disabilities. However, numerous organizations are dedicated to unlocking opportunities and fostering inclusive workplaces.

These disability employment organizations provide essential resources, support, and connections to empower individuals with disabilities in their pursuit of employment. This article highlights some prominent organizations that can help individuals navigate the job market, acquire skills, and achieve their career goals.

National Organization on Disability (NOD)

National Organization on Disability (NOD) is a leading nonprofit organization that promotes disability inclusion in the workplace. NOD collaborates with employers to develop inclusive hiring practices, provide professional development opportunities, and foster a culture of diversity. Their initiatives, such as the Disability Employment Tracker and the Leading Disability Employer Seal, recognize companies committed to disability inclusion.


Disability:IN is a global nonprofit organization that drives disability inclusion in business. They offer resources, tools, and best practices to help companies create accessible and inclusive workplaces.

Disability:IN facilitates partnerships between businesses and disability-owned enterprises, fostering supplier diversity and economic opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

Job Accommodation Network (JAN) provides free consultation services to individuals with disabilities and employers. JAN offers guidance on workplace accommodations, rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and effective strategies for integrating individuals with disabilities into the workforce.

Their database of accommodation options and case studies is a valuable resource for both employers and employees.

AbilityOne Commission

The AbilityOne Commission is a federal agency that promotes employment opportunities for individuals who are blind or have significant disabilities. They facilitate partnerships with nonprofit organizations to provide products and services to the federal government.

Through the AbilityOne Program, individuals with disabilities gain valuable employment experience in a wide range of industries.

State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies

State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies offer comprehensive employment services for individuals with disabilities. These agencies provide vocational counseling, career assessment, job training, and support in securing employment.

They work closely with individuals to develop personalized plans that address their specific needs and facilitate a successful transition to the workforce.

Local Centers for Independent Living (CILs)

Local CILs are community-based organizations that promote independent living and advocate for disability rights. Many CILs offer employment services, including job placement assistance, skills training, resume building, and interview preparation. 

These organizations provide valuable support and resources to individuals with disabilities seeking employment opportunities.

American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)

The AAPD is a national organization that promotes the full inclusion and participation of individuals with disabilities. AAPD offers various programs and initiatives aimed at advancing disability rights and increasing employment opportunities

Their Career Center provides job seekers with disabilities access to job listings, career resources, and networking opportunities.


SourceAmerica is a nonprofit organization that creates employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities through its network of nonprofit agencies. They connect businesses with these agencies, facilitating contracts for goods and services.

SourceAmerica empowers individuals with disabilities to showcase their skills, contribute to the workforce, and build meaningful careers.

Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS)

VETS, part of the U.S. Department of Labor, supports veterans with disabilities in their employment journey. VETS offers specialized assistance, such as career counseling, job placement, and vocational rehabilitation services. They collaborate with employers to ensure the successful integration of disabled veterans into the civilian workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of disability employment organizations?

Disability employment organizations promote inclusive workplaces and create employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. They offer resources, support, and connections to navigate the job market, acquire skills, and achieve career goals.

How can disability employment organizations assist individuals with disabilities in finding employment?

They provide job placement assistance, career counseling, training, and help with resumes and interviews. These organizations also educate employers on accommodations and the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities.

Are disability employment organizations limited to specific disabilities or industries?

No, they serve individuals with various disabilities and collaborate with employers across sectors, including government and private businesses.

Do disability employment organizations support employers as well?

Yes, they offer resources and consultation to employers on disability inclusion, accommodations, and creating inclusive work environments.

How can individuals access disability employment organizations?

Visit their websites or contact them directly. Local vocational rehabilitation agencies and community organizations can provide referrals and information.


These disability employment organizations offer invaluable support, resources, and connections for individuals with disabilities seeking employment. By working closely with employers, advocating for inclusive practices, and providing vocational guidance, these organizations contribute to a more inclusive workforce.

Through their efforts, they empower individuals with disabilities to unlock their potential, pursue fulfilling careers, and contribute their talents to the professional world. To learn more about valuable resources for people with disabilities, head over to Disability Help today!

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