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When Will I Receive My First VA Disability Check?

Last updated: April 12, 2023

Veterans who are injured or disabled in the course of active duty for their country are entitled to disability benefits. This can include financial support and other benefits like healthcare.

When you apply for disability benefits, the Office of Veterans Affairs (VA) will rate your disability. This disability rating will determine how much and what type of retirement benefits you'll receive. Your disability rates must at least be 10% to qualify for disability benefits.

Upon approval of your disability claim, the VA office will send you a notification stating such. You can then expect to receive your first VA disability check within 15 days. You can refer to the payment schedule below to know when your first check will most likely arrive.

If your monthly payments don't arrive after that period, you can contact the VA helpline at 800-827-1000.

VA Disability Payment Schedule

VA disability payments are released every first business day after the month it covers. For example, retirement benefits for January will be paid on the first business day of February. If the first business day falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be released on the last working day immediately preceding.

Below is the disability payment schedule for 2022: 

MonthPayment DateDay of Week
January 2022February 1stTuesday
February 2022March 1stTuesday
March 2022April 1stFriday
April 2022April 29thFriday
May 2022June 1stWednesday
June 2022July 1stFriday
July 2022August 1stMonday
August 2022September 1stThursday
September 2022September 30thFriday
October 2022November 1stTuesday
November 2022December 1stThursday

How Much You Can Get

Your disability compensation amount will depend on:

  • your disability rating
  • dependent status
  • Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) for that year

Some beneficiaries also receive their backpay against military service together with their first disability payment. But it's common for the VA to take months before releasing your backpay and other retroactive benefits.

If your backpay is taking longer than usual, it's best to ask for help from an experienced workers' compensation lawyer. He can help get your disability application approved and your retroactive benefits released as early as possible.

A VA beneficiary with no dependents and a disability rating of 10% can receive $142.29 a month. That's the minimum amount you can get. If your rating is 100% and you are married with a dependent child, you can receive up to $3,406.04 per month. You can also receive $277.96 for every additional schoolchild over age 18. Please refer to the VA website for more detailed compensation rates.

Depending on your rating, you can also avail of other VA benefits such as:

You can always visit your local Veterans Affairs office if you have more questions about your VA disability benefit. For help with your disability application, you can also contact an expert disability attorney for a free consultation.

Why Hire A Compensation & Social Security Disability Attorney

Experienced disability attorneys have decades of litigation experience in Workers' Compensation and Social Security Disability lawsuits. Their experience and continued success when fighting for their clients put them among the area's most trusted workers' compensation attorneys. They specialize in representing injured workers on compensation benefit cases and disabled individuals claiming lost social security disability benefits.

You also have the option to book a free consultation whenever convenient. Past and potential clients recognize the unwavering advocacy for employee rights and privileges leading firms offer.

When applying for Social Security's cash benefits, the entire process can be overwhelming. If you are interested in seeking SSDI benefits, check out our article on how to know if your disability hearing went well. To learn more, please visit DisabilityHelp.org today!

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