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Best States For 100 Percent Disabled Veterans

Last updated: February 8, 2024

Each state offers unique veterans’ home facilities providing skilled nursing care and other supportive services. Texas, Florida, Virginia, and Nevada have established veterans’ homes to cater to the healthcare needs of their veteran residents.[1]

All four states provide various tax exemptions for disabled veterans. This includes property tax exemptions and, in some cases, income tax benefits.

Each state offers employment assistance and preferences for veterans. Programs range from job coaching in Texas to employment preferences in state job hiring in Illinois, Virginia, and Nevada.[2]

The states offer a range of educational benefits, from tuition waivers in Texas under the Hazelwood Act to educational opportunities for children and dependents in Illinois.

Veterans in these states enjoy various recreational benefits, such as free or discounted access to state parks and hunting and fishing licenses.

Each state provides access to healthcare facilities tailored for veterans. Additionally, the states have strong community support systems.

The decision of where to live can significantly impact the quality of life, especially for 100% disabled veterans. These veterans, who have a 100% disability rating, face unique challenges that require specialized support and resources. 

This article aims to guide these heroes in choosing the best states that cater to their specific needs, enhancing their lives post-service.

Best States For 100% Disabled Veterans

Choosing the best state for 100% disabled veterans depends on individual preferences and needs. However, several states consistently rank high due to their combination of supportive benefits, cost of living, and overall quality of life. 

Here are the best states for 100% disabled veterans:

  1. Texas
  2. Florida
  3. Virginia
  4. Nevada
  5. Illinois
  6. California
  7. Colorado
  8. Washington
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Alaska

Understanding 100% Disability Rating

A 100% disability rating is assigned to veterans who are deemed fully disabled due to injuries or illnesses that were incurred or aggravated during active military service. This rating impacts their benefits and the level of support they receive.

Criteria For Ranking States

When evaluating the best states for 100% disabled veterans, several factors are considered vital. These include:

  • Healthcare Facilities: Access to top-notch healthcare services, including specialized treatments and rehabilitation programs, is essential for managing health conditions resulting from military service.
  • Cost Of Living: A lower cost of living can ease financial pressures, making daily life more manageable for disabled veterans on a fixed income.
  • Employment Opportunities: States with inclusive employment policies and job opportunities for disabled veterans can aid in their financial stability and sense of purpose.
  • Community Support: A supportive community, with programs and services tailored for veterans, can significantly enhance quality of life.
  • Accessibility: States that prioritize accessibility in public spaces, transportation, and housing are crucial for veterans with mobility and other physical challenges.

Fast Facts

Virginia offers a unique blend of urban and rural settings, providing a high quality of life with extensive healthcare networks and a supportive veteran community.

Analyzing The Top 4 States for 100% Disabled Veterans


  • State Benefits for Disabled Veterans: Texas offers a range of benefits for disabled veterans, including property tax exemptions for those with a 100% disability rating and their surviving spouses. Reduced property taxes are also available for veterans with a 10-90% disability rating. Additionally, Texas provides free driver's licenses for veterans with at least a 60% service-connected disability.
  • Healthcare Facilities and Services: Veterans in Texas have access to nine state veterans homes located in various cities such as Amarillo, El Paso, and Houston. The VA operates a large healthcare system in the state, with multiple facilities offering specialized care for veterans.
  • Employment Opportunities and Incentives: Texas actively supports veteran employment through the Texas Veterans Commission, offering services like job coaching, resume development, and a Veteran Entrepreneur Program. 
  • Cost of Living: Texas is known for its affordable living costs, especially since there is no state income tax. This financial aspect can be particularly beneficial for veterans on a fixed income.
  • Community Support and Veteran Organizations: The state provides various community support initiatives, including grants for agencies assisting veterans and programs for mental health and housing.
  • Quality of Life: Texas offers a diverse climate, ranging from arid in the west to humid in the east. The state is known for its veteran-friendly communities and has made significant efforts to ensure accessibility in public spaces.
  • Additional Benefits: Veterans in Texas can enjoy various recreational benefits like free hunting and fishing licenses and free admission to state parks for those with a 60% or greater disability. Education benefits under the Hazlewood Act provide up to 150 hours of tuition-free college for veterans and their families.


  • State Benefits for Disabled Veterans: Florida provides substantial benefits to disabled veterans.[1] These include property tax exemptions for veterans with a 100% permanent and total disability, as well as exemptions for quadriplegic veterans and those who are legally blind or need a wheelchair for mobility, depending on their income. Additionally, veterans with a VA disability of at least 10% can receive a $5,000 deduction on their home’s assessed value.
  • Healthcare Facilities and Services: Florida operates several State Veterans’ Nursing Homes and an Assisted Living/Domiciliary Home across the state. These facilities offer housing, supportive services, and medical care to eligible veterans. If you're interested in contributing to the healthcare sector, exploring nursing schools in Columbus Ohio, can be a valuable step towards acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge for a fulfilling career in nursing.
  • Employment Opportunities and State Incentives: The state provides employment support for disabled veterans, including hiring preferences in state, county, and municipal government jobs. Florida also offers a Military Veterans Certification Pathway, allowing veterans without a bachelor's degree to obtain a temporary teaching certificate, and waivers for certification fees.
  • Cost of Living Analysis: While specific cost of living data was not directly found, Florida is known for its no state income tax policy, which can be financially beneficial, especially for veterans on a fixed income.
  • Community Support and Veteran Organizations: Florida has various veteran support initiatives and organizations. The state parks offer discounted and free access to disabled veterans and their families.
  • Quality of Life Aspects: Florida is known for its warm climate and has a reputation for being veteran-friendly. The state provides various recreational benefits and has ensured accessibility in public spaces for disabled individuals.
  • Additional Benefits: Education benefits in Florida include tuition waivers at state universities and colleges for Purple Heart recipients and higher combat decorations and educational opportunities for children and spouses of deceased or disabled veterans.


  • Veterans Homes: Virginia operates veterans homes in Richmond and Roanoke, providing long-term care for eligible veterans.[2] These homes offer services like assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, and hospice. Veterans must be honorably discharged and Virginia residents to qualify for admission​​.
  • Financial Benefits: Veterans with a 100% permanent and total VA disability rating are exempt from property taxes on their homes. The state also provides income tax benefits, including exemptions on a portion of military pay and retirement income for eligible veterans​​.
  • Employment Benefits: Virginia provides employment preference for veterans seeking state jobs, adding a percentage to their test scores. The state also offers programs like the Virginia Transition Assistance Program (VTAP) and Troops to Trucks, which facilitate the transition of military skills to civilian employment​​.
  • Education Programs: The Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program provides education benefits to spouses and children of veterans who are killed, missing in action, taken prisoner, or have a disability rating of 90% or more due to military service. This includes up to four years of tuition and fees at state-supported colleges and universities. The Virginia National Guard Tuition Assistance Program (VNGSTAP) offers up to $7,000 per year for college education for members of the Virginia National Guard​​.
  • Recreation Benefits: Virginia offers a free lifetime hunting and fishing license and discounted saltwater license for resident veterans who are permanently and totally service-connected disabled. ​.
  • Veterans Cemeteries: The state maintains three veterans cemeteries located in Amelia, Dublin, and Suffolk, providing burial at no cost for honorably discharged veterans and at a small cost for eligible family members​​.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Virginia has several VA medical facilities providing healthcare services to veterans across the state.


  • Veterans Homes: Nevada operates two state veterans homes located in Boulder City and Sparks. These homes provide skilled nursing care for resident veterans, and in some cases, their spouses and gold star parents are also eligible for admission​​​​.
  • Financial Benefits:
    • Veterans Tax Exemption: Nevada resident veterans with wartime service are eligible for an annual tax exemption, which can be applied to vehicle privilege tax or real property tax.
    • Disabled Veteran Tax Exemption: Honorably discharged resident veterans with a service-connected disability of 60% or more can receive a property tax exemption. This benefit can also extend to surviving spouses​​​​.
  • Employment Preference: Veterans and surviving spouses of members killed in the line of duty receive extra points on state employment exams. Qualified disabled veterans are guaranteed an interview, and non-disabled veterans must constitute at least 22% of interviewees for state jobs​​​​.
  • Education Benefits:
    • Fee Waiver for National Guard Members and Family: Active members of the Nevada National Guard and their families can receive a waiver of tuition and laboratory fees at the University of Nevada system.
    • Tuition Waiver for Purple Heart Recipients: Veterans awarded the Purple Heart are eligible for free tuition at any state school.
    • Grant-In-Aid for Families of Members Killed in the Line-of-Duty: Dependents of active-duty members killed while stationed in Nevada may be eligible for financial grants​​​​.
  • Recreation Benefits:
    • Hunting & Fishing License: Discounted licenses are available to honorably separated veterans with a service-connected disability of 50% or more.
    • State Park Admission: Honorably discharged veterans with a permanent disability of 10% or more are eligible for a pass for free entrance to all state parks​​​​.
  • State Veterans Cemeteries: Nevada has two state veterans cemeteries located in Fernley and Boulder City, providing burial services for veterans. There is no charge for the plot, vault, and opening & closing of a gravesite for veterans.

Comparing The Best States For 100% Disabled Veterans

Veterans HomesMultiple VA healthcare centers and veteran homes.Several State Veterans’ Nursing Homes and Assisted Living.Veterans homes in Richmond, Roanoke, and others.Veterans homes in Boulder City and Sparks.
Tax ExemptionsProperty tax exemptions for disabled veterans.Property tax exemptions for 100% permanently and totally disabled veterans.Disabled veterans are exempt from property taxes on primary residence.Property tax exemptions for disabled veterans.
Employment AssistanceEmployment help includes job coaching and resume development.Employment opportunities and incentives for hiring disabled veterans.Employment preference for veterans in state jobs.Employment preference for veterans in state jobs.
Education BenefitsHazelwood Act provides tuition waivers.Waivers of tuition fees for honorably discharged veterans at public institutions.Educational benefits for dependents of disabled veterans.Tuition waivers and educational benefits for National Guard members and families.
Recreation BenefitsFree admission to state parks for disabled veterans.Discounted annual passes to state parks for veterans.Free admission to state parks for veterans with 100% VA disability.Discounted hunting & fishing licenses for disabled veterans.
Healthcare ServicesComprehensive healthcare services through VA centers.Access to various veteran health care facilities.Several VA medical facilities across the state.-

Selecting The Right State To Live In

Selecting the right state to live in is a crucial decision for 100% disabled veterans. The states listed above offer a combination of healthcare, financial benefits, employment opportunities, and community support, all of which contribute to a higher quality of life. Veterans need to consider their personal needs and preferences in making this life-changing choice.

Our detailed guide explains if you can receive 100% VA Disability and military retirement pay. Learn more by visiting Disability Help and exploring our comprehensive resources.

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