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Can You Get Disability Benefits For An Early Stage Discoid Lupus Rash?

Last updated: April 12, 2023

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune illness that affects around 5 million people worldwide. A disorder in which the immune system targets healthy organs or tissues is known as autoimmune disease. The immune system's job is to defend the body against outside invaders like viruses and bacteria. 

This disease puts you at major risk and thus can seriously hinder your ability to work for a living. Not only are there severe physical effects of the disease, but people may also suffer from mental health issues. Keep in mind that you can claim disability for depression and anxiety.  

Is Lupus A Qualifying Disability?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) considers lupus to be a disability, and as such, it is eligible for disability benefits. The Immune System Disorders section of the Social Security Administration's Blue Book contains a listing for lupus disability. Because it was written for medical professionals, the Blue Book is a complicated resource for the majority of people to use because it contains a lot of technical language and complex medical information that most people are unfamiliar with.

Consult with your doctor to determine the type of evidence that will be needed to support your disability claim. Your doctor can also assist you in compiling and submitting to the SSA the necessary records to demonstrate that you have lupus and are eligible for benefits.

To be eligible for the lupus listing, you must have at least two body systems or organs that are affected by the disease, as well as other signs and symptoms that occur on a consistent basis, such as fatigue, fever, or weight loss, to qualify. Alternatively, you can demonstrate that your daily functioning is significantly impaired as a result of your lupus symptoms and complications in order to meet this requirement.

You must have a persistent fever, fatigue, weight loss, or other "constitutional" symptoms in order to be considered for this category. In addition, these symptoms must make it difficult or impossible to function socially, complete tasks in a reasonable amount of time, or keep up with "activities of daily living," which include things like bathing, cooking, cleaning your home, and running errands, to name a few examples of what is required.

Medical Evidence Required To Qualify For Lupus

Whether you meet the criteria for a disability listing or must undergo an RFC evaluation for your lupus disability claim, the SSA typically requires the same medical documentation:

  • Results of diagnostic tests are used to rule out other medical conditions that cause symptoms that are similar to those of lupus
  • Extended medical records from your doctor, detailing symptoms and complications over a period of three or more months, as well as the effects of the treatments prescribed (12 months is even better)
  • Prescription medications that have been taken and their effects on your specific symptoms and complications are listed below
  • If applicable, hospitalization and other treatment records should be included
  • Test results or laboratory work reports demonstrate the diagnosis of common complications such as kidney or heart disease, bone loss, seizures, anemia, and so on


Discoid lupus is a chronic scarring and sometimes disfiguring condition that affects people of all ethnic groups around the world. It's a common cause of irreversible hair loss that's also linked to a lot of obesity.

If you feel you’re qualified for disabilities for an early stage discoid lupus rash, then be sure to understand how to file for disability benefits

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