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How a Long-Term Disability Lawyer Can Help with the Claim Process

Last updated: March 25, 2024

Disability is one of the most traumatic life experiences, and it can happen to anyone. Disabled individuals will have trouble holding jobs or, in some cases, will be completely unable to work. In situations like this, long-term disability insurance (LTD) is their best friend. 

Long-term disability insurance is designed to relieve the financial strain disabled individuals face when they’re unable to work. But insurance companies often deny LTD claims, regardless of how legitimate they are. They do this since their main motive is to make money.

Individuals whose long-term disability claims have been rejected do have an option. They should seek the help of a long-term disability attorney. This legal professional will do everything in their power to make sure your rights are upheld, and that you get the benefits you deserve.

This blog post discusses the different ways in which an LTD lawyer will help in the claim process. Read on to find out what they are.

They Analyze Your Long-Term Disability Policy

A long-term disability lawyer will thoroughly read your policy and analyze its terms. They will, then, review all the relevant facts of your claim and compare them to your policy to find out if you have a medical condition that is eligible for the long-term disability claim.

A lawyer will also guide you on how to avoid potential complications or issues when filing a long-term disability claim.

They Help You Collect Important Evidence

Acquiring long-term disability benefits is not an easy process. You must submit sufficient evidence to prove your current health condition.

In such situations, your long-term disability lawyer will help you collect all types of evidence required for a successful LTD claim. This includes:

  • Medical reports from your healthcare professionals
  • Statements from coworkers or friends

Moreover, a long-term disability lawyer will also hire a vocational expert who can help prove that your medical condition interferes with your ability to work. There are also medical professionals who can perform additional cognitive or physical checkups.

They Help You to Appeal a Denied Claim

Suppose your insurance company rejects your long-term disability claim. Then, an attorney will help you submit an appeal to the insurance company. They will also review the decision of the insurance company.

They will help you prepare a clear appeal with the evidence gathered. This makes sure that your side of the story is heard. This greatly improves your chances of getting the best outcome.

They Help You File Your Claim Within Deadlines

A long-term disability lawyer will help you file your claim within the specified deadline. The time limit for filing for long-term disability varies by state and occupation.

Filing your claim in time reduces the stress involved and also aids in resolving your LTD claim as soon as possible. It also improves your chance of a successful LTD claim.

They Help Fight Against the Bad Faith Tactics of the Insurance Company

Suppose your insurance company uses bad faith tactics to deny your LTD claim. Then, your lawyer will fight against them to get your compensation.

For instance, if the insurance company rejects your LTD claim without any valid reason, then your lawyer will review the denied claim and appeal the claim within the deadline along with strong evidence.

Experienced LTD lawyers have extensive knowledge of all the bad faith tactics of insurance companies. This makes LTD lawyers the perfect individuals to provide assistance with your LTD claim.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with a long-term disability claim is an extremely stressful process. A skilled long-term disability attorney will handle the whole LTD claim process on your behalf. With their experience, you can get the money you deserve.

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