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How Do I Send Records To The Social Security Administration?

Last updated: April 12, 2023

To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI), you must provide the Social Security Administration (SSA) with documents that demonstrate that you cannot work. During the review of your application or after you begin receiving SSDI, you may also need to send them additional documentation. Mailing documents to the social security office can seem like a daunting task. You can send more information to the SSA by following these instructions.

How to Provide the SSA With Your Documents

If you want your SSDI application approved faster, make sure you submit your medical records and other supporting documents to the Social Security Administration. Below are some ways that you can submit your records to the SSA:

Initial Application

You can mail or drop off your documents to your local SSA office when you apply for Social Security or when additional documents are required.

Claims Examiner

A claims examiner will review your application after you file for benefits. Your claims examiner's contact information will be provided to you, and you will need to provide them with additional information directly.


If the SSA does not approve your application, you may appeal the decision. You will receive instructions on filing an appeal and submitting additional documentation regarding your disability with the notice of denial.


If your medical condition improves or worsens while receiving SSDI benefits, you still have a duty to alert the SSA. A review of your file may be conducted periodically to determine whether you still qualify for benefits. As soon as your application has been approved or when they review your eligibility for benefits, the SSA will tell you where to send your documents.

Keep a copy of every document you send to the SSA for your records.

What Is the Best Way to Provide Your Records to the SSA?

You should hire an experienced Social Security disability attorney before you submit your application if you want to be successful in obtaining SSDI benefits. An attorney can review it to make sure it is completed correctly and can assist you in collecting the medical records and other documents you need to prove your eligibility for benefits. SSA can also request necessary documents from them if you have to file an appeal. Your lawyer may file most of your records electronically, which is a safer and quicker way for the SSA to receive them.

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