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How To Claim VA Disability?

Last updated: April 12, 2023

Are you a veteran or a family member of a veteran? If so, you may be able to receive benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for disabilities related to your military service.

The process of filing for VA disability is not an easy one. It takes time and patience, but it can be done with the right guidance. You’ll need to gather medical evidence, organize your files, and have a strong support system in place before you even begin this journey. 

The first thing that needs to be done to get started is to gather evidence supporting your claim. This could include medical records from doctor’s visits, prescriptions, hospital stays, etc., along with military service records such as DD214's (discharge papers), letters of commendation, or other documents that show proof of service during wartime periods. 

Once all relevant information has been gathered together, it's time to apply online through benefits at their official site. After submitting the initial application, there are several steps involved before receiving a decision on whether or not they will approve your claim, so don't delay.

If a claim is allowed, the veteran will receive compensation and benefits. The VA provides monthly disability payments to veterans who are disabled by their military service. Veterans may also be eligible for additional allowances based on family size and location of residence. 

Disability compensation can be used to purchase clothing, household goods, appliances, etc., which are not provided through other programs such as medical care or vocational rehabilitation services. Compensation rates vary depending on the degree of the disability rating assigned by the VA after consideration of all evidence submitted with your application package (including statements from doctors). 

You should always consult with a qualified attorney before filing an appeal if you disagree with your initial claim decision because there are strict time limits that must be met for an appeal to succeed in most cases.

Visit our blog section to learn more about how to file for VA claims if you’re a veteran.

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