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Application For Social Security Disability Denied 3 Times? Here's What To Do

Last updated: April 9, 2023

Having a disability is challenging, but getting denied from your Social Security Disability Benefits application is heartbreaking. As much as possible, you want to enjoy the disability benefits the government provides to help you make the most of life.

Social Security disability denied 3 times? Don't lose hope. Review the factors outlined below and try to make another appeal. When done right, your application will merit compassionate approval from an examiner. 

Understanding The Reason Behind The Denial

Denied Social Security Disability Insurance Claim

When you get word that your application was denied, the first step is to understand why it was denied. The SSA takes around three to five months to review an application, depending on the volume of applicants their office is handling. Every examiner is assigned one case to review for compliance with eligibility requirements. 

Most denials will also come with the exact reasons why your application was declined. Check these out and see if it's something you can remedy. 

To ensure success in your application, make sure that it is complete from the get-go. Submit all medical records of disability and proof of income (or loss of it). Ensure everything is easily verifiable and complete, so the examiner can review your submissions more easily.  

Appealing A Social Security Decision

When you get a denial, the initial reaction is to resubmit and reapply. However, this could take longer and wouldn't be a better course of action. When you get denied in the first round, you can appeal your case and have a second examiner evaluate it. If you get rejected again, you can take it to court and request an administrative hearing. 

At every stage, you are given a deadline to make your appeal. As soon as you receive a denial letter, lodge your appeal so the timeline starts. Doing things early will save you the hassles of missed deadlines and last-minute appeals. 

Also, when you opt for an appeal, the SSA already has a record of your application. This can increase the chances that you'll be approved, although it won't be a guarantee.

What To Do To Avoid Getting Denied

Getting denied is avoidable if you know what to do. Check out these steps and ensure you follow them properly to increase your chances of approval.

Provide Complete Medical Evidence

The first thing you need to do is prove that your disability meets the SSA's definition of disability and is included in their Blue Book. In most cases, you need to provide complete medical evidence from an accredited doctor that shows your disability will last for more than a year and prevent you from working. 

Gather all the medical results, including evidence of how you got the disability. If there are historical medical records, compile them and use them to prove your disability. This is crucial, especially if the disability is not inherently apparent, like blindness or deafness.

Keep Appealing

Never give up and lose hope. Once you identify the reasons for the denial, complete the forms for an appeal that are found on the SSA website. There are forms to be used for various reasons for denial, such as denial due to medical reasons or denial due to income reasons.

Just be mindful of the required timelines when you can make your appeal. Don't miss the deadlines.

Show A Proof Of Income

Income eligibility is important to be considered for aid. Show proof that you lost your job and can't return to work or proof that your household has no means of supporting you and your needs. 

Make it as complete and comprehensive as possible to get quick approval. 

Follow Treatment

Denied applications have been prescribed treatments to reverse the decision. Your denial letter will contain instructions, and it's best to follow them. You can also consult the SSA website to learn about the different treatments and procedures in case your application has been declined. 

When following treatment, be thorough and double-check that all instructions have been followed. This will save you the headache of another denial. 

Be Cooperative

The long process can be frustrating, especially if you're denied several times. Be patient and cooperative during the entire process. Provide the information requested and show up for interviews on time. Work with the local SSA to understand why you're getting denied and accomplish what they ask immediately. 

If anything is unclear or doesn't make sense, don't hesitate to ask them about it. By being open about your confusion and being humble in your approach, you can win over the SSA examiners. They'll be sympathetic and help you navigate the application process so you can achieve success.

Never Give Up On Your Application 

Getting approved for disability aid can be challenging, but it's not impossible. Even if you've been denied several times, don't lose hope. Carefully examine the reasons for the denial and, if unsure, consult with a professional disability lawyer to understand your situation.  

Once you pass the initial hurdle of getting approved, your benefits will be worth it. Most of all, make sure to give the complete requirements from the beginning and accomplish all the required steps to enhance your chances of getting approved. 

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