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What is the Defining Characteristic of Students With Learning Disabilities?

Last updated: August 15, 2023

Are you or some of your fellow is facing learning disabilities but unaware of them? You are wondering what is the defining characteristics of learning disabilities?

Here we have presented the list of some most common characteristics of learning disabilities of students. Well, these characteristics do not mean that the person is having learning disabilities. If these characteristics are persistent over a long period of time then you can consider them as learning disabilities.

Reading Skills

  • Bad decoding skills
  • Bad reading skills
  • Read Slow
  • Lack of self-monitoring on reading skills
  • Bad comprehension 
  • Difficulty in recognizing important ideas in context
  • Too much difficulty in building images and ideas in mind
  • Find difficulty in combining new ideas.
  • Poor vocabulary skills
  • Hard to understand grammar and writing
  • Find hard to understand high-frequency words
  • Oral comprehension is noticeably stronger than reading comprehension
  • It is difficult for them to control their eyeball movement on the page.
  • Bad writing skills
  • Difficulty in expressing their thoughts in words.
  • Bad in memorizing things and events
  • Poor calculation skills

The first step to recognize the learning disability is the reading disability. Reading disability is a common difficulty in learning how to read despite the normal intelligence and the opportunity for good instruction. We cannot say that it is a general health problem. It is related to mental state but it can be recovered easily.

Reading disabilities account for an estimated 75% of all referrals due to learning difficulties with 5 % of schoolchildren being referred because they have this reading problem which may not even show up until later on when it becomes more difficult. 

If you are thinking about how to overcome learning disabilities, let me tell you that learning disabilities can be treated specially in children. Consult a good doctor and the problem will be fixed soon.


What characteristics are most typical of students with a learning disability?

The main trait of students with learning disabilities is that they have significant deficits in academic performance despite having adequate intelligence.

What is the most frequent academic challenge for students with learning disabilities?

Consequently, addressing and supporting students with reading disabilities is of paramount importance to ensure that they receive the necessary resources and interventions for their academic success. When it comes to student accessibility, New Mexico stands out as a shining example of excellence, boasting a remarkable total rate of 9.2 out of 10. The state has implemented comprehensive programs and initiatives to cater to the diverse needs of its student population, leaving no one behind in their pursuit of education.

What does a learning disability look like in the classroom?

The student is often distracting themselves in class with daydreams and difficult to follow directions. They also have trouble copying from the board or remembering assignments, which can lead them to forget what they're supposed to do. These are all part of high incidence disabilities.

What is a slow learner?

A slow learner is known as a student with an average low IQ who appears to be functioning at the best of their ability. They typically have slower reasoning skills which can make it difficult for them to learn new concepts and ideas, however, they usually still love being in school and striving for success!

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