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SSI And Presumptive Disability

Last updated: April 12, 2023

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) applicants who are presumptively disabled may qualify for benefits while their disability application is pending. An SSI benefit is a monthly payment paid out of tax revenue to disabled or blind people. You don't need work credits to qualify; instead, it’s based on assets and income.

The SSA offers Presumptive Disability (PD) benefits for people who are highly likely to be approved for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), based on the information in their application. In some cases, payments last up to six months. There is usually no need to repay them, even if the agency determined the applicant did not meet the requirements for disability benefits.

How To Qualify For Presumptive Disability

Individuals may be eligible for presumptive disability benefits if they suffer from a serious illness or condition. The person may be presumptively disabled if an impairment is observable or there is a high probability that the person is disabled due to a certain impairment.

Some of the following impairments that may qualify for presumptive disability include:

  • Complete blindness
  • Complete deafness
  • Leg(s) amputated at the hip
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Down syndrome

Your application to the SSA will likely be approved if you are suffering from one of the above conditions. SSA offers a more comprehensive list of conditions that usually qualify for PD. 

However, claimants with one of these disabilities may still be turned down for PD and SSI. Your claim's likelihood of success increases greatly if you work with a Social Security benefits attorney.

Applying For Presumptive Disability

A person who wishes to apply for presumptive disability must apply for SSI disability benefits. In some cases, a Social Security Administration field office may be able to determine a claimant's presumptive disability, while in other cases, Disability Determination Services will make the decision. 

An individual may receive disability payments for up to six months if presumed to be disabled. If a person who received presumptive disability payments is later found not to be disabled, they will not be required to repay the agency.

Presumptively disabled individuals may be eligible for Medicaid coverage in addition to Social Security disability payments. Even if a person does not apply for Supplemental Security Income, they may apply for Medicaid.Head over to Disability Help now to learn more useful information about disability judge trick questions.

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