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What To Know About Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher

Last updated: April 9, 2023

A supplemental job displacement voucher (SJDV) is provided to help disabled employees obtain full-time or part-time work.

Common workplace injuries such as falls, slips, and cuts can still result in permanent or temporary partial disability. In 2021, approximately 10% of 2.1 million occupational injuries and illnesses cases resulted in a permanent partial or total impairment disability. Moreover, returning-to-work employees with total permanent impairments experience frequent RTW interruptions, including deteriorating health, frequent reinjury, and lay-offs.   

In this article, we’ll look at the coverage of SJDV, its eligibility requirements, and more. 

What Is A Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher For

What Is A Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher For

For an injured employee to qualify for workers’ comp benefits, including a supplemental job displacement voucher, they must submit a claim to their insurance provider. Supplemental job displacement benefits are only one of the four workers’ comp benefits provided to employees suffering from work-related injuries and occupational illnesses. The rest are:

  • Medical coverage
  • Wage replacement benefits
  • Death benefits

If you qualify for supplemental job displacement, a voucher for job training education and programs will be given to you. Several community colleges, state universities, flight schools, technical schools, and apprenticeship programs accept supplemental job displacement vouchers, providing you with numerous options. In the event that you choose to change careers, you can apply your voucher toward acquiring a new skill in a different field prior to your injury. 

What Does The SJDB Voucher Cover

The voucher, which is worth $6,000 in 2023, allows you to pay for all expenses you may incur while learning new skills, retraining, or beginning a new job. This includes the following:

  • Tuition, course fees, learning materials, books, and other educational expenses required by the public school or state-funded program
  • Exam fees, preparation courses, and other costs in acquiring professional certification or occupational licensing
  • Equipment necessary for training or class
  • Computer equipment of up to $1,000
  • For services such as resume preparation and consulting with a licensed placement agency, you may receive up to $600
  • A maximum of $600 to avail of qualification services, such as resume preparation, professional vocational counseling, and license placement
  • Miscellaneous learning expenses, including transportation and uniforms, of up to $600

When Do Supplemental Job Displacement Vouchers End

The voucher will expire either five years after the injury or two years after it was granted, whichever comes first. Once you've covered the necessary costs, you must provide the claims administrator with your receipts prior to the voucher’s expiration. However, miscellaneous educational expenses do not require itemized receipts unless otherwise requested.

How To Qualify For Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits

Your physician will assess your health condition, determine whether you have a temporary disability or a permanent impairment, and, if so, evaluate how your medical condition will affect your work performance and ability to fulfill your job responsibilities. 

You will be considered qualified for supplemental job displacement benefits under the following conditions:

  • You acquired a permanent partial disability due to a work-related accident or occupational hazard
  • You have not been offered by your employer any alternative, modified, or regular work that satisfies your state’s legal requirements

Your physician will submit a detailed report elaborating on your “work restrictions," or the tasks you are physically unable to perform due to your disability. 

Alternative Or Modified Work 

If you are unable to return to your pre-injury position (also known as "regular work"), you may be offered a “modified job” by your employer. A modified job involves changing the responsibilities of your pre-injury work to consider your work restrictions. Otherwise, your employer may also choose to offer you an “alternative job"  or work you can do. In either case, the alternative or modified solution must:

  • Be for a minimum of 12 months
  • Pay a minimum of 85% of your pre-injury salary
  • Be in an area of reasonable traveling distance from where you reside during your injury

What Are The Requirements To Receive A Voucher

Insurance providers follow a three-stage process to determine whether an injured employee receives a voucher. This includes:

  1. Submitting a medical report
  2. Employer’s offer of alternative or modified work
  3. Employee’s decision

Medical Report

A medical report assessing the injured worker's capacity for work is the first step in getting a displacement voucher. The report states that the employee has a permanent disability and that the employee's injury is regarded as stationary and permanent. 

Offer Of Alternative Or Modified Work

After submitting a claim, the insurance company will immediately contact your employer to determine whether a modified work offer has been given to you. You must receive an offer within 60 days of submitting your medical report. 

Employee’s Decision 

Within 30 days of receiving the offer, the employee has to decide whether to accept or decline the offer. If the worker chooses the latter due to her work restrictions, then he or she is eligible for a supplemental displacement voucher.

If you want to learn more about the four types of workers’ comp benefits, read this article from Disability Help.

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