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VA Disability For ADHD: A Comprehensive Guide for Veterans

Last updated: August 6, 2023

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition affecting millions worldwide. This disorder is characterized by persistent inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that interfere with daily functioning and social relationships. One can get social security disability for ADHD. Among the veteran population, ADHD can exacerbate the challenges faced during military service and the transition to civilian life.

Eligibility Criteria For VA Disability Benefits For ADHD

To qualify for VA disability benefits for ADHD, veterans must meet specific criteria:

  • Diagnosis: A formal diagnosis of ADHD from a qualified medical professional is required.
  • Service connection: Veterans must establish a direct connection between their ADHD and military service. This can include aggravation of a pre-existing condition or developing ADHD symptoms during service.
  • Disability rating: The VA assigns a disability rating based on the severity of the ADHD symptoms and their impact on the veteran's ability to work and engage in daily activities.

Evidence Required For A Successful ADHD Disability Claim

To ensure a successful ADHD disability claim, veterans should gather the following evidence:

  • Medical records: Comprehensive medical documentation, including a formal ADHD diagnosis, treatment history, and any relevant test results.
  • Service records: Documentation that establishes the link between ADHD and military services, such as incident reports or medical evaluations completed during service.
  • Buddy statements: Written statements from fellow service members or family members who can attest to the veteran's ADHD symptoms and their impact on daily life.
  • Vocational assessments: Reports from vocational experts that detail the limitations caused by ADHD and their effect on the veteran's ability to maintain employment.

VA Disability Ratings For ADHD

The VA uses the Schedule for Rating Disabilities (VASRD) to assign disability ratings for ADHD. These ratings are based on the severity of the condition and its impact on the veteran's daily life:

  • 0%: Minimal symptoms that do not significantly impact the veteran's daily activities or work performance.
  • 10%: Mild symptoms occasionally interfere with daily activities or work performance.
  • 30%: Moderate symptoms that frequently disrupt daily activities or work performance and may require medication or therapy.
  • 50%: Severe symptoms that regularly impede daily activities or work performance, necessitating ongoing treatment and support.
  • 70%: Profound symptoms severely limiting daily activities or work performance, with frequent inattention or impulsivity jeopardizing safety or well-being.

How To Apply For VA Disability Benefits For ADHD

To apply for VA disability benefits for ADHD, veterans should follow these steps:

  • Gather necessary documentation: Compile all relevant medical records, service records, buddy statements, and vocational assessments.
  • Apply: Complete and submit the VA Form 21-526EZ, "Application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits," along with the necessary documentation.
  • Attend a Compensation & Pension (C&P) examination: If required, attend a C&P examination conducted by a VA healthcare provider to evaluate the severity of the ADHD symptoms and their connection to military service.
  • Receive the VA's decision: After reviewing the application and C&P examination results, the VA will decide on the veteran's disability claim.

Veterans who disagree with the VA's decision can appeal the ruling. Here’s an article about how to file a VA claim for disability compensation.

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