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What Does Intellectual Disability Mean

Last updated: May 8, 2023

Intellectual disability consists of problems associated with a mental disability that triggers functioning in two areas mainly: Intellectual functioning (such as learning, problem-solving, etc) and adaptive functioning (such as daily life activities). Due to such disability. a person tends to grow slowly as compared to other normal human beings. Intellectual disability is usually found in children that are about to turn 18 or it can even exist before birth. To grab some more information on what does intellectual disability mean, read on.

According to the study that was carried out for 35 years around the world, found that people having mild intellectual study are likely to have good life expectancy but the people surviving through profound intellectual disabilities have chances of losing their life >20%. A person is said to be surviving through intellectual disability if he is surviving through 3 criteria:

  • Having IQ below 70-75.
  • Having prominent limitations in more than two adaptive areas (common practices that are necessary to interact with the society).
  • Having such condition before 18 years of age.

How Does Intellectual Ability Begin?

Intellectual Disability is also known as mental retardation that arises due to any injury, disease, or problem in the brain. As for children their cause behind intellectual disability is usually unknown. Some other causes that contribute to intellectual disability are Down Syndrome,  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, birth effects, and infections. Sometimes it is crucial to detect other causes of intellectual disability until the child gets older; these might include severe head injury or even strokes.

Common Causes Behind Intellectual Disability

  1. Genetic Conditions

One of the most common causes for Intellectual disability is genes inherited by parents.

  1. Complication During Pregnancy 

When a baby does not grow normally inside the mother, it can result in an intellectual disability. A mother who consumes alcohol or contracts an infection such as rubella while pregnant may give birth to a child with intellectual disabilities.

  1. Problems During Birth

If at the time of birth baby services through difficulty in inhaling oxygen then he/she may have an intellectual disability.

How Common Is Intellectual Disability

In the United States, around 6.5 million people have an intellectual disability, and 1-3% of the population around the world survive through intellectual disability. It is more common in countries having low incomes —16.41 in every 1,000 people.

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