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How To Find Social Security Disability Attorneys Near Me

Last updated: April 9, 2023

Every year, the Social Security Administration receives hundreds and thousands of Social Security disability claims. Unfortunately, approximately 70% of these claims are denied during the initial stage of the application process. 

If their claims are denied, applicants can file an appeal to receive disability benefits in the future. However, the appeals process is more complex. Legal assistance can mean the difference between winning an appeal and having your disability claim denied again. 

When applicants seek legal representation during the appeals process, the chances of receiving disability benefits are higher than when they represent themselves. Hence, we have prepared a guide to aid with your search for "social security disability attorneys near me." Read on to learn more. 

Things To Remember When Selecting The Right Social Security Disability Attorney

Selecting The Right Social Security Disability Attorney

Ensure Their Professionalism

When you contact potential lawyers, pay attention to how professional and courteous they are. Even if disability offices and law firms are generally busy, you should still receive timely callbacks and quality services. 

Approval Rates

You should inquire about the firm's overall approval rate with a potential attorney or a staff member. You may also ask relevant questions such as, "What portion of your approvals are at the hearing level?" and "How many of your wins are for full benefits?"

Results Promised 

It is unethical and unfair for a lawyer to guarantee a positive outcome for your disability claim. A good attorney will give you an honest assessment of your case and a straightforward answer regarding your chances of getting approved. 

Attorney Qualifications

To represent claimants at disability hearings, an attorney does not need to be licensed. A licensed lawyer, however, may better understand Social Security law. This is because lawyers are given specialized training to read and interpret statutes and case law.

Expertise In Your Case Or Condition

Some claims may be more difficult to win due to the medical condition they are based on. Certain disabilities, impairments, or injuries can typically have lower success rates. In this situation, it is best to hire a social security disability lawyer knowledgeable about your case's specifics. 

Other References

You should ask whether the prospective law firm is willing to provide references, records, or testimonials from previous clients. A good law office should be willing to do so.

Finding A Social Security Disability Lawyer

Finding A Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you become disabled and need the help of a disability lawyer to help you apply for Social Security disability or appeal a disability denial, finding the right disability lawyer for you can feel overwhelming and difficult. Here are a few things you could consider to help you choose the right person for the job:

Get Disability Specialist Referrals From Lawyers

If you already have a relationship with a lawyer, you can ask that lawyer for a referral to another attorney specializing in Social Security disability law.

Consult Your Friends And Family

Someone you know and trust may have worked with disability lawyers or advocates. A disability lawyer known to a family member or friend can help you feel more at ease with that lawyer. 

Try Free Disability Advocacy Consultation

Signing up for a free consultation is likely the quickest way to find a lawyer and determine whether you are eligible for disability benefits. Enter your zip code and phone/work number so they may contact you. You may also have to answer a few questions about your situation.

Consult Your Local Bar Association's Directory

Every state and county has a Bar Association, which is an organization made up of lawyers. The Bar Association provides services and support to lawyers and anyone who requires a lawyer's resources and services.

The Bar Association website generally has a section where you can search for lawyers based on their practice areas.

Check Out Free Directories At Lawyers.com and Avvo.com

Lawyers.com and Avvo.com are two websites that offer free attorney directories. These directories allow you to search for lawyers by location and practice area and provide detailed information about each. 

Talk To Someone Who Has Experienced The Disability Claim Process

When you ask someone who has previously undergone the disability process, you can learn about that person's first-hand experience working with a specific lawyer or disability firm. This way, you'll be able to find a disability lawyer who will adhere to deadlines and commitments. 

Should You Hire A Lawyer Or A Nonlawyer Representative

When determining whether you qualify for disability benefits, a lawyer can assist you in determining whether you meet the requirements. When your initial claim for social security disability is denied, you will need the assistance of a social security disability lawyer. 

Your lawyer will gather all the medical evidence and documentation necessary to prove your claim. They can also assist you in receiving the appropriate compensation you are entitled to. The most important thing is that a social security disability lawyer will ensure that you have a fair hearing and competent legal representation. 

There are various ways to search for "social security disability attorneys near me." Consider some of the steps mentioned earlier. If you want to avoid the hassle of going through the appeals process, read this Disability Help article on how to get approved for disability the first time.

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